A Wide Range Of Customized Shipping Containers Solution

When looking for a good container for shipping purposes, would you go for buying or rentals? If you are a big company and running a shipping service, mind it, buying containers is the best choice. How can you run a shipping business profitably if you simply go for rentals?

SCF containers are your best option when looking for durable shipping containers.

Why choose the SCF container?

Aside from the durability of the shipping container, you can have a wide range of options for shipping containers, such as:

  • Intermodal
  • Tank
  • On-site storage container

All these containers are available to buy or for rent. The durability of these containers is not the only feature of SCF. It also includes convenience and customized services.

What are the types of containers?

SCF shipping containers are available in different types according to sizes, such as:

  • 8ft Container
  • 10ft Container
  • 20ft Container
  • 20ft High Cube Container
  • 20ft Side Opening Container
  • 40ft Container
  • 40ft High Cube Container

These containers are custom-made for every specification of service. Not all the time shipping needs large cargo. So, the 8ft container is a perfect option for not-so-easy and enough loads to ship. But, if your products to be delivered are big sizes and have enough quality, then you can have larger containers. You can pick among the large shipping containers available for your products to have secured transport.

20ft SFC container logistics

20ft bulk container. It offers ultimate flexibility for any type of bulk freight. 20ft container has been developed for intermodal use; it has two pallets wide construction. The container is perfect for both palletized cargo and bulk.

20ft double side door. A flexible intermodal container with a double side door; it has easy access for both multiple and side restraint points. The container is suitable for loading and multiple freight types operations.

20ft high cube container. A shipping container with an additional 1ft of height for even more storage. It has strong, secure, safe, easy-to-transport features and is a little bit taller. So, you are not just getting a 20ft container here, but you have 21ft.

20ft pallet wide.A wide enough container that fits two cheap pallets side by side for maximizing the equipment used. It can easily fit 10 pallets for secure and safe shipping or can be 20 pallets for additional vertical load bars.

20ft side opening container. A flexible storage container with dual access points through the side doors and end doors. Goods can be easily accessed to open doors for half or whole side doors.

If you think that the container you need has the quality of the 20ft SFC container logistics, then you can choose from the list above. But, if you need a larger container, then go for the other sizes of these containers.