Applied Felts Continues to Pioneer Its Way Toward the Future with Trenchless Technology


Applied Felts continues to pioneer the future of pipeline projects with the creation and production of CIPP liners. Applied Felts is a manufacturer of CIPP liners for commercial and government projects on a global level. Continue reading to discover how Applied Felts revolutionizes traditional pipeline work for worldwide applications involving pressurized, potable water, and gravity sewer lines. You will also learn how Applied Felts liners bypass certain pipeline project problems, making them a superior solution in various evolutions and applications of pipeline projects.

Applied Felts Develops and Produces CIPP Liners That Change the Way Contractors Upgrade Pipelines

Applied Felts creates different liners for different pipeline jobs. Applied felt and hybrid liners elevate the undertaking of pipeline renovation, with the hybrid liners answering the need for additional liners for use in new applications. The hybrid liners combine fiberglass reinforcement with best-in-class felt liner materials. The best characteristics of each liner combined in the hybrid liners provide outstanding strength in pressure sewer and potable water applications.

The Applied Felts protocol works for many pipeline jobs. An inversion drum places the liner into the damaged pipeline. Once it is inverted, it expands into a tough, protective inner tube that lines the pipe. Eventually, the resin hardens, and it lasts for years. All of these points highlight how Applied Felts liners bypass certain pipeline problems, such as missing a deadline due to endless digging and going over budget on the project. There are other important considerations that contractors must consider, too.

Using Old Technology on Large-Scale Projects Causes Large-Scale Mayhem

Applied Felts liner technology works on projects involving highways, roads, parking lots, and other expansive commercial spaces with pipes. These spaces all operate with varying purposes, traffic flows, and types of traffic. People populate all of these areas; they drive the need for the pipelines under these areas and the functionality of the upper levels of each space. The digging method used during traditional pipeline work causes mayhem because it demands the disruption of traffic flows in terms of driving, walking, and the general conduct of business. This disruption angers people and prevents their progress. Imagine being the contractor who stopped important tech deliveries to a hospital or military facility. The quick, reliable inversion method prevents this scenario and your reputation as the go-to contractor in your area. You can confidently use the method for spot or sectional work, full-length lining, and main-to-lateral connection seals.

Contact Applied Felts to Circumvent Common Problems on Pipeline Projects and to Prevent Further Degradation of the Planet During

Applied Felts listens to customers, which led to the creation and implementation of EnviroCure®, a polymer coating that eliminates styrene emissions and odor. Applied Felts values customer concerns and questions, developing products that provide solutions to improve each liner. When your team is ready to take on its next large-scale pipeline project, contact Applied Felts for the CIPP liners you need to get the job done the best way.