Energy Efficiency in the Laundry Industry – All You Need to Know

With the advancement in laundry technology and an increase in costs, one thing is apparent: energy efficiency is important for business owners. Furthermore, adopting energy-saving practices and technology is a major way you can save huge sums of money and also reduce your business’s environmental footprint. If sustainability and running an environmentally friendly business are important to you, you should encourage these values in your consumers. Finding ways to protect the environment while saving money and energy is easy provided you have energy-saving commercial laundry equipment. The coin operated washing machine and dryer has undergone many changes over the past years and today’s Girbau North America commercial laundry equipment minimize energy and water output. To make the process easy for you, below are ways you can greatly cut energy costs along with your carbon footprint on the environment

Invest in Energy Star qualified equipment

The best way to find out whether your existing laundry equipment is energy efficient is to confirm it has the EPA Energy Star label. This voluntary certification program is responsible for setting energy efficiency standards that must be met for products to get the blue star. As stated by EPA, industrial washing machines with the star are 37% more efficient compared to those that aren’t qualified. To earn the star, top and front loader washers must hold a capacity of over 1.6 cubic feet, among other specifications. Additionally, Energy Star does not give certification for commercial dryers. As such, getting energy-efficient laundry equipment will offer your business long-term benefits. Plus, this saves laundry business owners money while providing an eco-friendly facility that brings customers state-of-the-art laundry technology.

Offer front-loading washing machines

Purchasing front-loading washing machines will help lower your operating costs as well as lower water usage and offer high-speed extraction. When it comes to water usage in coin-operated front-loading washers stands at 10.9 gallons/cycle. Additionally, its high spin speed (as high as max 1,200 RPM with 440 g-force) extracts more water from apparel, speeding up the drying cycles and lowering wasteful energy use.

Install Ozone systems to your laundry equipment

Another huge cost and time saver is the Ozone System, which is vital today for most laundry stores. Developed to be used with your existing commercial laundry equipment, ozone diffusion systems make it possible for you to swap multi-step wash programs while increasing chemical efficiency. These systems also help reduce the use of hot water. Due to the eco-friendly laundry technology, these machines convert cold water into activated oxygen, which is nature’s most effective and safest disinfecting agent. The cold water programs help lower energy consumption, cycle times, water use, drying times, chemical use, and detergent use. Additionally, this extends customers’ fabric life while providing clean, fresh, and fluffy laundry items. While the use of ozone diffusion systems has many benefits, the visible benefit is increased ROI that you can achieve in under 8 months. 

These aren’t all the only energy-efficient strategies, there are numerous ways that you can use to create an energy-efficient business environment for the customers using coin operated laundry equipment. Despite the type of laundry business you’ve established, these are simple ways that can help you significantly lower energy costs and increase your ROI.