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Even though we are in the last third of the year, the COVID-19 epidemic remains a threat to the globe, unabated. The good news is that, even although the rates of infection across the globe are rising, the daily death toll is stabilizing and decreasing in many countries.

However, the negative results of the necessity to socially isolate and the anxiety of worrying about the spread of the virus and its impact on the world economy and the family and friends are not going away.

The World Health Organization notes that “the coronavirus epidemic swiftly is spreading across the globe and is causing an enormous amount of anxiety, anxiety, and worry throughout the world.”

The reality is that this virus is going to be around shortly. Therefore, it is crucial to discover ways to address its stress on mental and emotional health.

Relax in your massage chair.

Massage chairs, particularly the most recent models, mimic human-like massage, thus delivering all the mental and physical health benefits of regular massage.

Let’s look at some of the most recent and top massage chair features about the latest features and benefits of these advancements available on every chair.

1. Infinity Genesis Max

Infinity responded to customer requests to offer more chairs with calf rollers with their Infinity Genesis Max massage chair.

What is the reason for rollers for a calf?

Calf rollers are made to massage calves using heat and targeted massage to ease the calf muscles and knots and aid in relaxation because they provide an entire body massage. The calf rollers move in a circular direction; however, airbags are inflated in the calf region, bringing an additional dimension to the compression massage, which increases blood flow to the area.

Alongside the calf rollers, In addition to the calf rollers, Infinity Genesis Max also comes with the following options.

This chair is a 3-dimensional Massage chair with an L-track. It has the user with a 3D roller depth and an oversized 49-inch track for rollers that extends across the entire head from top to the hamstrings or glutes. It’s the S-track (sinusoidal), which is now extended. To add a little extra, it follows the curvature of the spine of a human.

Massage rollers travel through the L-track. So, an L-track-based chair can massage the body starting from the neck or head towards the hamstrings.

The 3D massagers work on an X, Y, and Z-axis. A 2-D massager only operates on the X- and the Y-axis. The 3D rollers can rotate farther into the human body, giving an even more like a human massage. The intensity of the roller can be adjusted and can be set from a gentle and gentle massage to a more intense massage.

The chair also provides the zero-gravity posture that raises the knees higher than the heart and allows the spine to relax and enhance the effects of massage rollers. Another option you can check out from Infinity is their Infinity smart chair.

2. Osaki OS-Pro 4D Maestro LE

Its successor, the Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro massage chair, features numerous improvements over the previous Maestro version, including the latest 4D massage technology and a higher roller temperature and calf massage, a wireless charging for mobile phones, and an easy-to-use ultra-modern touchscreen tablet.

The new features enable the chair to offer the most natural and comfortable massage than its predecessor model, the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro.

The 4D massage system currently provides eight levels of 4D-massage, five strengths, five intensities, and five-speed settings that allow the user to select from the slow, relaxing massage or an intense, fast massage that is specifically designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and stretch out knots in the muscles in different muscles in the various regions of the body.

The heated roller system of the chair and the heated back of the chair are the most modern back heating options used on a massage chair. The heated rollers can simulate a hot-stone massage that includes all of the benefits of a hot-stone massage. In a nutshell, heat heats muscles, which increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. A greater flow of blood to the most important muscle groups is a bonus in improving the ability of muscles to heal, particularly when injured or torn.

The OS-Pro Maestro chair comes with additional, beneficial features such as wireless charging for mobile phones, quick armrest controls such as power or auto, zero-gravity, four-dimensional adjustment, and a brand new touchscreen remote tablet that handles the functions of the chair.

Final thoughts

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