How the Dairy Industry Plays a Role in Sustainability

Everyone, no matter if it is by themselves or as part of a team, has tried to become more environmentally friendly in some way. This is no different when it comes to the dairy industry. Due to the fact that the earth plays a vital role in their production process, it is crucial for them to be sustainable, too.

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Water is one of the most important resources on the planet, so it is important that that it is used wisely and for the right purposes. Dairy producers have a vested interest in conserving water. Hence the dairy business plays a significant role in encouraging effective irrigation. Water is used extensively in dairy farms to clean equipment and provide drinking water for cows. As a result, they have been fast to implement water-saving irrigation techniques. Furthermore, the dairy sector is a significant user of reclaimed water. Recycled water is frequently utilized for irrigation, reducing the overall need for new water.


When you think of dairy, you are probably going to first think about cows. They play just as crucial of a role in the environment as anything else. Along with providing sustenance through their milk, cows can be helpful to the planet thanks to their manure and methane gases that they emit.

Cow dung is a natural soil erosion control agent. Manure’s nutrients serve to maintain and improve soil productivity, while its organic matter improves water retention and infiltration, lowers compaction, and improves soil tilth. Furthermore, the dairy sector is collaborating to create alternative energy sources from cow excrement. Methane digesters, which turn cow manure into methane gas that may be used to create energy, and biomass power plants, which burn cow manure to generate heat and power, are examples of these.


Just as important as the product itself is the packaging it comes in. One of the major issues when it comes to pollution is how landfills are clogged with thrown-out packaging. As this builds up, greenhouse gases are emitted into the air, causing climate change.

Thankfully, there are many sustainable packaging options out there now. One plastic company that works closely with the dairy industry is Altium Packaging. Their products contain some of the highest percentages of post-consumer resin (PCR) out there, meaning it is made more out of recyclables than their competitors.

One of their main innovative designs is the Dura-Lite packaging, which is mainly used for the dairy, beverage, and water industries. The design ensures that the most liquid is held possible and lowers the use of resin and plastic by 15-20%. It is both lightweight and strong. Altium Packaging is trusted by an array of companies, including Organic Valley Dairy.

The dairy industry has changed a lot over the years. Aside from providing better treatment to cows and the way they live, those within the industry have also been working harder to be more conscious of the environment. They have come to understand that without properly cared-for earth, their industry would cease to exist. That is why they have taken the initiative in a plethora of ways, so they continue to provide for others.