Important factors for selecting an online free tool to survey

1. Excellent security

Security is not an interesting subject, but it is becoming more and more important. The GDPR approach requires serious thought about the storage of personal data. Most online survey software providers post privacy and security statements on their websites. I’m skeptical of vague terms that think security is important. Prefer facts such as certification, independent audits, and clear policies. ISO27001 is recognized as the benchmark for data and information security.

2. Flexible Themes

Response rates to online surveys are declining. It is easy to understand why there are so many surveys. Surveys need to stand out. A good, clean survey greatly increases your chances of taking a survey. A good online survey software should allow for the editing of brand awareness survey template and themes. It doesn’t have to be very complicated. A neat and clean appearance is more attractive than usual, but it looks great.

3. Different types of questions

You will probably need more question types than you initially thought. Questions that allow at least one answer, questions that allow any number of answers, questions that collect numbers (with or without decimal places), free-form questions that allow respondents to enter whatever they want, have an A list, and have a Mandatory rating scale. Examples include a list of sentences or items that have the same answer, questions that can use photos and videos or photos as answers, how respondents can upload audio, photos, or videos, questions that can be selected by ranking, and more. Often respondents do not recall or are unwilling to disclose this information.

4. Various appearances

By making your survey more interactive, you can choose a free online survey tool to encourage respondents to take your survey, especially if they aren’t particularly interested in your topic. Here are two examples: First, using an image as an answer makes the survey more interesting. Likewise, rating scales can get boring immediately after prolonged use or overuse. Respondents can drop the rating scale or respond as quickly as possible without reading the statement correctly.

5. Respondents who stay engaged

Research by our associates of Lightspeed shows that respondents are more likely to respond to a long, engaging survey than a short, tedious one. So you need a tool to keep it fun. Although the rating scale is appealing, it may be the least accurate of the results and the main reason why respondents stray.