Pickleball: Fundamental Knowledge for Novices

There are a lot of ways for people of all ages to remain active and healthy, with short walks proving to be sufficient. However, for the more athletic members of the population, finding a fun sport might seem more appealing. The options available in this realm are just as expansive.

Although not as well known as a sport like baseball or tennis, pickleball is beginning to grow in popularity for many. Not only does it involve minimal contact, but it can be played by people of any age and is a great way to boost motor skills along with hand-eye coordination.

However, since it is still not prominently played, you might not know what to expect from the game or how you participate in it. You are not alone in this, as many are still learning about it, as well. To get you started, this article can act as a guideline so you know the rules of the game and are able to pick out the right equipment.

For any additional information, Salted City Sports can help you out. Aside from having the world’s top pickleball paddles on their website, they also offer information guides to help you play the game. Even if you are starting out playing it as a hobby, you may find yourself joining a local league someday!

What Is Pickleball?

The name of the sport might sound amusing, but it does not involve pickles. Pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong when it comes to the basics. Using paddles, players hit a hollow ball over the net to their opponents. Points are scored whenever the ball is not hit or does not go over the net.

The game was created in the 1960s using equipment odds and ends, like table tennis paddles and a Wiffle ball. The name is said to derive from the term “pickle boat,” which were oarsmen crews made up of people from various boats. Originally a game for children, pickleball is now enjoyed by different age ranges and even has college leagues.

Pickleball Distinctions

Although it may have similarities to other sports, there are a few things that make pickleball stand out. To begin with, the ball used in pickleball does not bounce like a tennis ball or ping pong ball does, meaning that it needs to be served underhand, also known as a “volley serve.” Instead of hitting straight ahead, players have to serve diagonally.

Another difference in the sport is that it has a zone called “the kitchen” and does not allow players to volley the ball when it is in the air. The pickleball has to bounce before it can be served back over the net. The point of this area is to make sure that no one is struck by a spiked ball.

Courts in pickleball need to measure 20 by 44 feet but can be played in both indoor and outdoor settings. Standard flooring for courts is made of polyurethane, but for non-official games, you can opt for concrete or astroturf as long as the surface is flat and smooth. Just make sure you have a net and center line in addition to the kitchen.


When playing pickleball, you will note that the way it is scored is also unique among similar sports. The game’s rules state that only the serving team can score points, also known as side-out scoring. The serving players are able to gain points whenever their opponents make a fault, but the opponents do not score when the server has a responsibility. Instead, they just become the new servers.

When calling the score before the serve, the serving player will say their score before the competitor’s, even if they are losing. Games of pickleball are usually played when a team has 11 points, but they must be leading by at least 2 points first.


Before you can start playing, it is also vital that you have the right tools on hand to make the game enjoyable while also following the rules:

Ball: While they look like Wiffle balls and originally started out as them, pickleball needs to have between 26 and 40 holes in them and are made of hard plastic. Players often prefer balls with smaller-sized holes because they are sturdier in the wind. They also produce sharp sounds when hit.

Paddle: The paddle used has to be smooth in order for it to serve and hit the ball. There are no weight requirements for the gear, but it may change how easily a person serves. More lightweight materials are recommended for beginners, which is why Salted City Sports uses Evo-Lite in their designs.

Whenever you are done with your game, it is essential that you keep your equipment protected. Store all of the gear in a secure bag that is easy to carry. To make sure nothing scratches your paddle or leads it to get worn out quickly, you can also purchase a paddle cover from Salted City Sports for extra precaution.

Interested in Playing? Get Started Now!

While you might not be ready for the big leagues, playing pickleball is a great way to have some fun with your friends. After all, it originated when the founder’s family was bored and has since gone on to grow internationally. While more sports stores offer paddles and balls, they can often look boring or be hard to handle. Why not buy from a company that focuses solely on the sport, guaranteeing some of the best equipment on the market, like the team at Salted City Sports?

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Even though they look whimsical, the paddles at Salted City Sports meet all of the necessary guidelines implemented by the official rulebook. Both new players and professionals are able to use them with ease and experience better serves and shots, thanks to the polypropylene core. Click here to learn more about their paddles and to see all of the unique design options available.

Pickleball has only been around for a little more than five decades, but it is now seeing a rise in interest. As more people obtain knowledge on how to play, more chances to play are opening up. Why not join them? Even with its unique rules, pickleball is a fun and easy sport for you to try out.