Pixsee AI Smart Baby Monitor: The Perfect Gift For Parents

When it comes to giving gifts to new parents, many tend to stick to clothes, diapers, or bottles. To be different, however, you may want to consider a more technologically advanced gift that can provide the parents some relief when caring for their child. This could be a baby monitor or a sound system.

You can actually get all of the tools from both of these devices and more all in one by choosing Pixsee’s AI Smart Baby Camera. As you read, you will see the advantages Pixsee provides over its more traditional competitors.

A Secured Camera

A baby monitor camera is very helpful for many parents. Because you can’t always be in the same room as your child, you need a way to make sure you can still watch them while you perform everyday tasks. However, many cameras are not secure, meaning that they can be susceptible to hackers. The camera on the AI Smart Baby Camera is different. Pixsee uses cryptoprocessors to protect your information.

Another great asset to this camera is its use of infrared technology. Nights can be hard to detect on a traditional baby monitor, but Pixsee’s lens provides clarity at any time of day. Just turn on Nighthawk mode to get the same imagery in the dark as you did in the light.

Sensory Detectors

Parents often find themselves woken up by babies and small children in the middle of the night. Whether it be a cry because they need to use the bathroom or something that scared them, your first thought is to immediately run to them in a panic, even for the most minor of things.

Thankfully the sound on an AI Smart Baby Camera is so clear that, depending on the age of the child, you will have an idea of why they are calling for you or crying. You even have the chance to answer them through the system’s intercom, soothing and comforting them.

Along with detecting crying, the device also is aware of temperature changes and humidity levels within the room. A baby’s room should have a humidity level between 30 and 50%. This humidity range lowers the incidence of SIDS, colds, and other respiratory diseases. Pixsee warns you when this level changes so that you can fix the issue immediately.

Sounds and Message Options

One of the biggest problems that new parents find themselves facing is leaving their children. Sometimes it could be due to work, a trip, or just to get out. They might feel guilty leaving them with someone else. The baby might be too used to hearing their parents’ voices. With Pixsee, parents can be a little more comfortable with the idea by having the chance to record songs or messages that will make it seem like they are still at home. The device also has prerecorded songs and white noise options that can be used to help the baby sleep at night.

Capture and Store Precious Moments

Babies have a lot of milestones, and you cannot always be sure that they will happen right in front of your eyes. Thanks to Pixsee that is no longer an issue. It is designed to capture and detect all important moments. Because the device includes a 4URLove Capture Album, all photos will be sorted and accessible through Pixsee’s app!

You won’t have to worry about photo editing either, as the camera is designed to correct images automatically. You will see nothing other than clear and professional shots each time.

Why Choose the AI Smart Baby Camera

By having an all-in-one system, you are also saving on space. There won’t be a bunch of bulky devices sitting around, cluttering your home. Pixsee’s design is also cute and whimsical, so it will fit right in with the rest of a nursery. Whether it be a gift for someone else or a new item for your own home, the Pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera is a source of relief to busy parents.

Don’t choose just any baby monitor. Choose one that can be a monitor, a camera, a sound system, and a companion all in one.