If you’re looking to expand your home office, there are a lot of different ways to make the most out of what you have.

You can use a corner or an unused closet in a room that’s not being used as often; if you’ve got an extra bedroom, it might be time to repurpose it into your own personal space. But if you’re truly limited on space, try these tips for creating the most out of what little square footage you have:

Keep the Light Neutral and Bright

Natural light is the best kind of light for your office. You can let it in by keeping windows clear and uncluttered, or use a window treatment that allows you to open them if they’re not.

Keep the lighting neutral and bright by using lamps with dimmer switches, which will give you control over how much light you want to use at any given time, from warm and cozy (early morning) to bright but not harsh (late afternoon).

Avoid direct sunlight by placing blinds on the window or covering it with a shade that blocks out most of the rays—but don’t let yourself become dependent on artificial lights during daylight hours! Incandescent bulbs generate too much heat for extended periods in small spaces, so try fluorescent bulbs instead.

Small desk, Small Accessories

You shouldn’t buy a huge desk if you don’t need it, and you should never get one just because it’s trendy. Here’s why:

You won’t be able to move around your office in that space. If your desk is too big for the room, then you won’t be able to move around at all! That’s not very functional!

You’ll feel boxed in. With no space to maneuver around your new big desk, you may feel like there’s no room for creativity or inspiration. How can anyone work efficiently under those circumstances?

It will make all of the other things in the room look small and insignificant in comparison to the massive piece of furniture dominating its center stage position. This will cause stress levels to rise dramatically as everyone tries their best not to notice how out-of-place everything else looks against such a monolithic centerpiece (and fails miserably).

Make It Easy for Yourself to Clear Away Clutter When Needed by Having Plenty of Storage Nearby

Your office should make it easy for you to clear away clutter when needed. If you have lots of desktop space, use baskets, boxes and bins to keep things organized.

Make sure you have enough storage space for everything that needs to go in there, so if your desk is overflowing with papers or other items, it could be time to get more storage space.

Organize your office so that everything is easily accessible and visible from where you sit at the desk. Keep your desk clean—don’t let clutter build up on top of itself!

Build a Garden Room

You can also build a garden room. You will need around 15 square meters (160 sq ft) of space in your home for this, but it is worth it.

You can build the garden room yourself or have one installed, such as a bespoke Shomera Garden Room. The best thing about building your own garden room is that you can shape it as you wish and make it look unique according to your taste.

Utilise an Attic, Cupboard or Niche

If you have an attic, cupboard or niche that’s not being used, it could be the perfect place to set up your home office.

If you don’t have a spare cupboard, garden room or niche that’s not being used as storage space, consider building one!

Choose Multipurpose Furniture

If you have the space for such a thing, multipurpose furniture is one of the best ways to maximize your small home office’s limited square footage. Consider a coffee table with drawers, or a side table that doubles as storage—just make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold whatever you’re storing and durable enough to last through heavy use.

Another option is an ottoman that has compartments where you can store things like remotes or magazines when they’re not in use. You could even put the ottoman on casters so it could roll around and serve as extra seating!


I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these tips and ideas. Remember, if you can make a small office work for you, then it will bring more space and flexibility to your home. It’s worth trying out!