Thanksgiving: How Showing Gratitude Promotes Business-Client Relationships

When you think about business Thanksgiving cards, what is the first image that pops into mind? A turkey? A feast? While these images are conducive to the holiday, they do not represent all it means to be thankful or show thanks. The act of thanksgiving is to show gratitude or appreciation for an individual or action. When businesses send simple thank you cards, they promote positive interactions and relationships with customers.

1. Business Thanksgiving Cards Improve Professional Relationships

Customers rarely receive thanks for their business, at least not on an individualized or specific level. Sure, cashiers might say thank you for shopping, or receipts might express gratitude, but these messages of thanks are programmed, autonomous. Customers get no real value from the organized and operational forms of gratitude.

However, when a company takes the time to send a legitimate and personalized thank you message, the client feels special. The greeting validates their purchase and can boost their self-esteem. Clients deserve to know how important they are to your business, and they deserve your company’s gratitude.

2. Thank You Cards Provide Upselling Opportunities

While the primary focus of business Thanksgiving cards should be the message of appreciation, you can still maximize the effort by using the cards as an opportunity to upsell. However, do not use hard sales tactics. To gently suggest additional items that complement the customer’s purchase is one thing, but to override the message of thanks with heavy marketing about unrelated products or upcoming sales can take away from the sincerity of the card.

3. Thanksgiving Cards Can Encourage Positive Reviews

Perhaps the primary goal of sending a thank you card or Thanksgiving card is to encourage a good review. While you can ask for a review directly, you need to balance the tightrope of marketing and genuine messaging. If you are too focused on the review, the client will likely view the thanks as a means to an end. The last thing you want is to alienate the client. Therefore, send a sincere thank you, and then perhaps close the message by saying something like, “when you have the opportunity to use the product, [business name here] would appreciate an honest review.”

4. Thank You Cards Encourage Repeat Business

Ultimately, sending thank you cards creates a relationship of gratitude: your customers are grateful for your service, and you are grateful for their patronage. While you can create that relationship without cards, the simple gesture of sending greeting cards lets the client know that they matter to you and your business, which is an excellent way to create brand loyalty.

5. Thanksgiving Cards Enhance Self-Esteem and Empathy

Writing and receiving thanksgiving cards can enhance self-esteem and empathy. By writing the cards, you acknowledge the role clients play in your business success. It can make you feel better to see the number of people supporting your company. Additionally, those on the receiving end feel like their money is going to a business that values them. Because cards affect both the sender and receiver in positive ways, they can lead to more positive interactions in the future.

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