The 3 Types of Media to Publicize Your Business

When you create a business, it also comes with the responsibility to study and look for strategies that will best fit your company. A business strategy is an instrument that will help you reach your goals and dreams. It also guides you in your journey along with your organizational skills.

Once you have a strategy, it will assist you in outlining your decisions and actions towards your objective. It will ensure to support the overall direction of your enterprise. 

Planning will identify any weaknesses and strengths within your reach. Gathering information can also optimize everything, including being ahead of your deadlines, allocating job roles, and staying updated on the latest news around you. Having all this knowledge will be an advantage for you to move forward.

From developing your tactics, you also need to think critically. Another concern is attracting new people to become your customer to build a community and turn your message into an ad campaign.  

To help you do this, below are the three types of media to publicize your business.

Paid Media

This type of media refers to anything you pay to promote your advertisement. This comprises display ads, influencer marketing, and other paid search results. It is an essential element of revenue growth in business.

Owned Media 

From its term, owned media is something that your brand owns. Websites are the most famous example of owned media. However, media properties can also own blogs and other social media channels. Blogs and social media channels are extensions to your website. All three are extensions to your brand. You have more opportunities to expand your brand’s presence online if you have more owned media.

Earned Media 

This is anything that the press and public are talking about your brand. This is like free media advertising without paying anything to anyone.

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For more details about the media types to publicize your business, read more in this infographic from NGP Integrated Marketing Communications. 

Joan Johnson

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