The Benefits of Working with a Recruiter for Stone Countertop Jobs


Finding good help is so challenging these days. Once you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, many times, they don’t show up for their first day. Not only does this hurt your company’s reputation when your employee is a no-show, but it’s also frustrating to start the recruitment process again.

What if you could have a 90-day guarantee that your chosen candidate is a good fit for your company? What if you had a larger pool of candidates to choose from and could reduce the frustration of the proverbial “no-show?” It probably sounds too good to be true, but Bronwick Recruiting provides staffing services for companies just like yours.

Hiring Staff to Make Your Company Shine

As a national recruiting firm, we understand the need for quality employees to run a successful business. When recruiting in-house, you might list an ad in the paper, on a job board, or on your social media sites. The only problem is that many of the best candidates aren’t looking in these spots, so it’s important to utilize other resources to find the gem.

We go above and beyond to find candidates that haven’t even entered the market. We can find exceptional employees to fill any position by pooling our resources. Whether you need upper management or an entry-level job filled, we’ve got you covered.

We want to help your company thrive in this tough economy, and the best way to do that is by hiring employees that make you shine. Gone are the days when you must settle for the employees who fill the position but aren’t what you want. Recruiting can be full-time, and we know you have other responsibilities that demand your attention.

Our job is to save you frustration and effort by allowing you to get the help you need while you grow your business and focus on the daily tasks.

Our Process is In-depth and Effective

We take on the role of a truck driver recruiting agency that helps you hire transport, or we can look for upper management positions that are challenging to fill. The best part of using our services is that we vigorously screen all candidates.

We want the people you’ll never find hanging out around job boards, as they have a specific skill set that puts them in a league of their own. We undergo a rigorous screening process and narrow the list of suitors to 3-5 professionals. We nicely package the resumes and send them to the person in charge of hiring within your company.

Feel free to call references, review their glowing resumes, and see all our call notes throughout the process. Once you complete all this paperwork, you can choose the candidates you want to interview. We will even set up these interviews and any that follow to ensure we shoulder the burden of the process.


Finding the right employees takes a lot of time and patience. Working with Bronwick Recruiting allows you to find outstanding workers who will show up. We offer several methods to help you find the best person for the job.

When it comes to the countertop industry, the competition is fierce, and the laborers are hard to find. We understand the value of having a good workforce who showcases your company and adds value.

Joan Johnson

The author Joan Johnson