The Best Techniques for Promoting Your Hotel to Business Travelers

Business travelers who spend the majority of their time traveling should feel at home at your hotel. When you’re up against other hotels for the same clientele, it can be difficult. You may differentiate yourself in a number of ways, beginning with an efficient email marketing strategy. If you follow the advice listed below, you’ll indubitably experience an increase in reservations.

Why Is a Marketing Email Campaign Important?

Email marketing is a crucial component of every company’s marketing strategy. Regardless of how big or little your company is, email marketing improves sales, returns on investment, and client satisfaction. And if you run a hotel, you might want to start an email marketing campaign as soon as possible.

You should concentrate on connecting with corporate travelers by email from the outset because that is how they prefer to keep in touch. You can obtain details on their pre-arrival, facility benefits, and any special offers or events that could be going on while they are there.

Think About Why Your Hotel Ought to Be Their First Choice

What services do you provide for business travelers? Providing a business facility and free wi-fi isn’t enough of a response. Think about offering them a discount or complimentary appetizer from the hotel bar during happy hour or through a monthly business card drawing.

When they return from a hard day at the workplace, do you have quick breakfast options or late-night snacks? What about shuttle services to and from the airport or other frequent destinations they could visit?

Are the workspaces welcoming and relaxing? Which kind of illumination is available for the desk area? Do you have lap desks so people can watch a late-night movie and work in bed? What about the amenities at hotels? Is there a time when adults can use the fitness center and pool without being interrupted by kids?

These actions can go a long way toward helping business travelers feel welcome. Going above and beyond will persuade them to stay with you the following time they are on the road.

Make Sure the Staff Is Friendly and Welcoming

Train your personnel to spend the necessary time getting to know your customers. It’s crucial to keep in mind their first names, provide them with a bottle of water or some snacks when they return from a long day at work, or just take the time to wish them a good day.

Your personnel ought to be familiar with the sights close to the hotel. Your employees should be prepared to give directions or even offer to phone ahead and reserve a table if your visitors inquire about the greatest steakhouse in town. Making straightforward connections leads to a satisfying outcome.


Making the effort to make sure your hotel is suitable for business travelers will be evident. Travelers are searching for more than just corporate rates, free wi-fi, and the business center. What they may anticipate from your personnel and your hotel can be outlined in detail in your pre-arrival emails. Additionally, include these additional actions in regular marketing emails. Potential clients are more likely to make a reservation with you after they learn what you have to offer.