Ways to Boost Your DJ Setup

The role of any DJ is to bring a party to life. You play upbeat and fun tunes that get everyone on the dance floor, from the very young to the very old. Along with this, your charismatic personality can keep everyone excited. However, there are ways to go beyond this to make you stand out from others in the field.

If you want more people to call on you for their weddings or special events, you need to have the right DJ equipment in your possession. Consider shopping through KPODJ whenever you need any of the following supplies. In no time, the guests at your next event will be calling nonstop!

Strobe Lights

The ambiance is important for any DJ. Believe it or not, lighting can affect how many people come out and dance, along with enhancing their energy. Strobe lights are one of the most common lighting choices because they emit flashes of colors at various repeating times. You can control them so that they keep with the beat of a song, which can help dancers with two left feet keep up with their friends. Strobe lights can also be used for flair by starting the moment a beat drops.

FX Machines

Different parties and events are bound to have themes, and you can customize your set to meet these standards. Instead of just lying low in the background, you can turn your eyes your way by using the right special effects machines. Some of the possibilities you could use include the following:

  • Bubble Machines: Perfect for pool parties, this effect will enhance the aquatic vibe that your client is going for. Children are sure to run your way and pop every bubble flowing through the air.
  • Snow Machines: Create a lovely winter wonderland for weddings and proms. Give any slow song a more romantic feel as fake snow sparkles among couples.
  • Smoke Machines: This is a way to add a dramatic flair to any style of party. It also works as a great entrance visual for you whenever you introduce yourself to the crowd.

Another great machine you can have is a confetti cannon. This can be used whenever you have some countdown or when introducing a newlywed couple as they enter the reception hall.

Video Walls

A lot of songs played at special events include line dances. While many people are likely to know the steps, there are those rare few that need a little extra help. With a video wall, you can give them more of a guideline. However, these walls can be used for more than just keeping the crowd moving.

You can talk with your client about any videos or photos they might want to have to go in the background. For example, wedding receptions may benefit from a clip show of the couple through the years, while proms can show the senior class as they go on to graduate. Sometimes, you can even record the dancefloor so that they can see themselves live.

Where to Purchase the Best DJ Gear

With all of this in mind, now you have actually to go on a shopping spree! Thankfully you do not have to go from store to store to get everything. KPODJ is a one-stop shop for all types of DJ equipment. Whether you are looking to add emphasis to your current setup or you need to replace one of your old mixers, they have a quality product you and your crowd will enjoy.

Their products are more affordable than other suppliers on the market while still using renowned brands. If you don’t know what option would work best for you and your current skills, you can also receive some advice from their team or take a look at their current staff picks.

Even if you aren’t looking to purchase a specific piece of equipment, KPODJ has rentals available, too, as some gear might only ever be needed for one of your parties. Their platform also offers installation services for DJs throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Every DJ has their own groove, and that should be noticed by both the client and their guests. To establish yourself as a party person like no other, get the best equipment and accessories possible with KPODJ.