What Is Ethical Dust Control? Know Its Importance


Ethical dust control implies the actions taken to reduce dust in any environment. The dust control solutions you use should be effective to ensure employees, and the community stays safe. For this reason, the measures you choose must be done in an orderly and efficient manner. Some of these actions include;

Identifying the type of dust generated  

The first step to achieving proper dust control is understanding the kind of dust you’re dealing with. Categorically, there are five types of dust, some of which occur naturally while others are work-induced. They include biohazard dust such as molds, mineral dust such as cement dust, organic and vegetable dust such as pollen. Also, there’s metallic dust such as nickel dust and chemical dust such as pesticide dust. This dust can be generated from construction sites, industries, open pits, fires, and landscaping activities. Understanding the type of dust generated on your site can help you apply the appropriate measures from to address it.

Get an appropriate dust control solution

There are several dust control methods, but neither is a one-size fit solution for all types of dust. While you choose the ideal one, you need to consider some factors such as the type of dust; others include the amounts of dust emitted, the source of dust, your dust control needs, and the cost. Go for a solution or equipment that offers effective elimination of dust in the air and enhances the overall productivity in your worksite.

Regularly use dust control methods

Make dust collection and control a regular activity. Waiting till large amounts have built up is hazardous to your teams. As such, you should strive to keep dust well contained at all times. Set frequent timelines when dust cleaning or suppression activities will be done. If you work on a construction site, your suppression could be done twice a day since dust emission is high. Also, some measures allow you to collect and control dust as you work. This helps reduce the chances of dust being released into the environment, as well as lowers the health risks.

Use the right dust control equipment

For effective removal of dust from the air, you need the right equipment that works properly and is well maintained. When not in use, inspect the equipment and repair all issues before the next use. This will help improve the machine efficiency for maximum dust control. You should also change old and nonfunctional equipment. 

Importance of Ethical Dust Control

Dust control is important because;

It helps maintain a safe working environment

Regular dust control measures help to keep the environment conducive for working. It also protects your employees from fire and health hazards posed by dust.

Adhere to compliance laws

The law provides regulations on dust control that must be abided by at all times. You must ensure your entire workforce is well aware of these regulations thus, helping you streamline your current dust control measures. These regulations are also intended to not only protect your employee’s health but also protect the environment.

Dust control measures must be used at all times. This way you can achieve maximum results in protecting the environment, employees, and those around you.



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