Why Should You Purchase Glint Switches From IndoAsian?

The idea of developing electrical switches for living areas has progressed beyond a simple necessity for utility. Real estate developers, architects, and builders can make design-conscious decisions about the interior’s general materiality and colour palette. In other words, interior design is now a part of installing electrical amenities in business or residential structures. Modular switches have mostly replaced the non-modular switches available for most of the preceding decades. Previously, developers and homeowners picked non-modular switches as a quick and cost-effective option for their living areas. Over the last decade, the electrical switch market has reorganised itself on this concept, IndoAsian particularly.

Our line of modular switches- Glint is here to take care of all your modular needs, and here is why you should choose Glint Switches.

Glint Switches Enhance the Aesthetics Of Your Interior

Non-modular switches are not particularly ineffective, given that their internal mechanism is built to the best of every electrical engineer’s capacity, except that the quality of their exterior is, as previously stated, not developed with any aesthetic-sensitive goal. They have the functional components of a modular switch and execute their tasks as intended, but they can be cumbersome in appearance, with screw holes and sharp edges.

The Glint modular electrical switches, on the other hand, provide significantly more customisation options in terms of materials, colours, and finishes to homeowners and developers. And they eliminate screw holes and sharp edges to blend in with the overall design, using subtle curves and hidden screw patterns.

Glint Switches Increase Safety For Children

Because screws, wiring, and sockets in non-modular switches and switchboards are periodically exposed, they offer a little risk, and electrical shocks via arc flashes can occur. People who buy non-modular switches frequently do so to save money. If they buy low-quality products without shuttering the sockets, harm and mishaps are possible, especially for toddlers, whose fingers may pry into areas they aren’t intended to.

Glint switches’ components are well-designed and secure, making them safer for children. Shutters, smaller gaps, and hidden screws reduce risk. Shutters and cover plates are built to withstand harmful occurrences such as arc flashes. To maintain safety, IndoAsian additionally employs flame-retardant grade material.

Glint Switches Make Installation and Maintenance Easier

They can be arranged in various ways, depending on the user’s preferences (up, down, or sideways). They also include a front-loading plate design that makes removal easier if maintenance is required beneath the plate. If a switch’s internal mechanism fails, you can easily remove the front plate, repair it, and reattach it to the wall.

Glint fits your needs when you transition to a modular lifestyle. Enjoy up to a 70% reduction in installation time, the ability to integrate multiple switches and sockets in a unit, and a range that lasts a long time thanks to the use of UV-stabilised, higher-grade materials by IndoAsian. Because of the unique honeycomb design, our plates are seen to be stronger, and in-house production ensures total quality assurance.

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