You Might Make a CAM Reconciliation Mistake: How to Avoid an Issue


If you own a commercial property, such as a retail mall, you very certainly have many tenants. Typically, you have a specific rent fee assigned to each person that uses your facility. However, in addition to that charge, it is critical to note that there are fees connected with maintaining the space.

Common area maintenance (CAM) refers to the costs incurred by renters to keep their parking spaces in good condition. Cleaning services or new HVAC systems might be included. To include them in the rental contract, landlords use the previous year’s CAM expenditures to determine how much the renter will pay this year.

Because the tenant’s CAM costs may fluctuate from the previous year, a CAM reconciliation must be performed to determine the difference and ensure that payments are made correctly. The more renters you have, the more complex this process may be, and many landlords struggle with yearly reports. If not done correctly, you risk defrauding yourself or the renters of your home.

You can set yourself and your renters at rest while also increasing their faith in you if you are aware of some of the primary concerns linked with the reconciliation process. Due to these processes might be challenging to do on your own, it may be in your best interest to keep track of spending through a management system.

This sort of work might be difficult for many people, especially if you have dozens of tenants to worry about, but you don’t have to worry about it. Kardin Systems offers online budgeting services that allow you to easily keep track of each tenant’s leases and compute reconciliation recoveries.

Increased Prices

While it may be tempting just to take the prior year’s final totals to assist in writing up the present-year leases, this can frequently lead to underestimating the current year’s real capacity. Every year, we pay to see a shift in the cost of everyday life, and maintenance services are no exception.

As opposed to rushing out your leases, check for tendencies in price increases. While some may be trivial, others may be so large that they make the year’s reconciliation more difficult to compute. Even if the sum is less than projected, paying tenants is usually simpler than asking for extra money.

Make sure you have the previous year’s data, so you have a starting point with the current leasing. To reduce the need for paper, you can utilize Kardin Systems to store information. This not only keeps things safe but also allows them to make their own projections for what to include in the CAM costs for the current year.

Expenses Are Split

Although there will always be costs that affect only one renter, this is not always the case. If some of your tenants share the same plot of property, maintenance such as parking lot asphalt or landscaping may be complex. Even if just one tenant believes that work should be done, it is critical that the others contribute to the cost of the repair.

Set up a pool where you monitor shared spending when adding this to your CAM charges since it makes it simpler to keep unique expenses out of other renters’ agreements. Remember to split the amount rather than putting the entire sum into each lease. If just one of them provides payments on that expense for the year, it is critical that the other renters compensate them during the reconciliation time.


CAM reconciliation is time-consuming and should never be hurried since it can lead to inaccuracies in calculating how much money you still owe each renter. That is, in order to be precise and avoid sloppy work, define deadlines for when everyone submits CAM reports.

To avoid being inundated with a year’s worth of information from several renters at once, request monthly reports from them, similar to how rent is distributed. This might also help you discover if there are any trends in your renters’ wants that you can include for the following year.

You may speed up the final computations by using Kardin Systems’ site because their staff does the process for you. With a response time of less than a few weeks, they will be able to respond on time and limit the potential of making a mistake.

Data Tracking Made Simple

As this demonstrates, one of the major faults of CAM reconciliation is mistracking the reports and spending history. Every time an issue happens, someone is impacted, whether it is you or one of your renters. Even if you are more concerned with receiving monthly rent payments, CAM reconciliation cannot be overlooked.

You already have to worry about audits and taxes every year, so why not take one more thing off your plate by signing up for the Kardin Systems budgeting portal? To start, you will report on each tenant’s invoices, and they will assist you in tracking them on a monthly basis, breaking down individual spending so that you can quickly print them out if you need to talk about anything with one of them.

Property managers have been using their methods for over 25 years since they deliver precise figures while also allowing them to budget easily. If something has to be added or removed, it can be done quickly, and everything becomes predicted.

Kardin Systems also offers a variety of tools to help you navigate their portal and comprehend your agreements. Their staff becomes your team, and thanks to their hundreds of different training films, you may learn more about the many ways to budget and do CAM reconciliations quickly. They also provide checklists to help you maintain track of the reconciliation procedure and avoid missing anything when the final deadline approaches.

CAM expenditures exist to guarantee that your renters maintain the real estate you lease to them. Each person will have distinct demands, and at the end of the year, they will have spent for a variety of services that can be difficult to trace. By simplifying your work using Kardin Systems, you may avoid making mistakes on reports and keep your renters satisfied enough to commit to another year with you.