A guide on how to find potential job seekers in Canada

The recruiters are today faced with the tough challenge of finding the most suitable candidates for their companies. Hiring drives have become difficult due to COVID restrictions in Canada.

Hence, online portals like Synergie Hunt International have become the go-to place for the recruiters to find potential employees meeting their standards of requirement. Human resource management has indeed become more efficient through them.

This article takes you through the utility of job portals in finding potential employees for recruiters in Canada.

Let us begin!

How will a job portal aid the recruiting firms?

The online job portals work with the recruiting agencies to understand their requirements and match them with job seekers with the relevant skill and experience.

A job portal offers the following features

  • The job seekers get to understand the culture and ethos of a potential recruiter through the portal.
  • The portals provide a rigorous recruitment process for finding the best-fit employees.
  • The service is fast and efficient.
  • The portals open access to multiple networks of companies and firms to collaborate.
  • The portal offers regular follow-ups to ensure post-recruitment support.

How trustworthy are the job seekers on online portals?

The recruiters find it difficult to find employees for various temporary and permanent positions in their companies due to information asymmetry.

The online job portals provide a fool-proof mechanism to ensure a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that only genuine job seekers get through it.

Some measures adopted are

For temporary staff

Reputed job portals take various measures like:

  • Adherence to code of ethics laid down by agencies like CNESST.
  • Provision of liability, errors and omissions, and 3D insurance.
  • Tested and reliable staff who are ready to become operational immediately.

For permanent staff

The experienced job portals build long-standing business relationships between potential employees and recruiting firms.

  • Adoption of tried and tested methods to assess real skill and suitability of personality for the position to be filled.
  • Evaluation grids allow companies to identify potential candidates by comparison of requirements with the profile of the candidate
  • Job seekers get a prior understanding of the company’s vision for prospective long-term association.

Other benefits for recruiters

  • Temporary placements can be made quickly while avoiding hiring and layoff costs.
  • Access to a wide pool of job seekers to choose from.

Concluding thoughts

Recruiters can find potential employees in a hassle-free manner through an online job portal. With digital evaluation grids, hiring talented professionals for temporary and permanent positions has become efficient and cost-effective for everyone.