An Overview about Net Worth of Nan Inc Owner 

About Nan Inc Owner 

Patrick Shin, the man behind the foundation of Nan Inc Construction, is a renowned entrepreneur in South Korea. He established Nan Inc Corporation in Hawaii dating back to 1990. He became wealthy by working hard. This industrious businessman nurtured his ambition. The headquarters of his company came into existence eventually to serve the nation. He has the impetus to become the most powerful entrepreneur across the world. 

Location of Nan Inc 

Nan Inc headquarters is based in Honolulu. Patrick Shin, the South Korean founder of this company, decided to enlarge his organization to extend his business.

Short Profile of Patrick Shin 

Patrick Shin crossed hurdles for success. He was inventive to create a lot of projects to build up an awesome reinforced arsenal. His gigantic construction company brought chunks of revenues to him. His yearly revenues are amounting to around $300 to $400 million. When he started as a trader, he was a tiny but ambitious person. Collecting a group of competent workers, he took the risk of making a large investment in this business expansion venture. Certainly, he never backtracked in despair. He has a bright success story to reveal. His construction business covers the following areas. Just check the construction type below. 

Construction Type 

  • Pre/half construction 
  • Building décor and renovation 
  • General building construction 

Net Worth of Patrick Shin 

 Unreliable sources have claimed that Patrick earns $190 million or a little bit high by the end of the year. This statistic graph is not dependable. Evidence and records given by Zoominfo prove that net worth: Nan Inc owner is 548 million dollars. It is a great thing for this business tycoon who wants to make his business revenue generator with billion dollars worth of industry to promote in the housing sector. In 2000, this well-known company got a contract (valued at $146 million) to modify the Honolulu Airport by opening sophisticated ticketing counters, and luggage checking/screening enclosures. 

A Brief-up of Net Worth of Patrick Shin 

Throw a glance at net worth: Nan Inc owner below.

  • Quarterly estimated revenues are $137 million 
  • The yearly total individual revenues earned by Patrick are $548 million 
  • Overall annual turnover $600 to $900 million 

The building construction industry is undergoing a steady improvement. Competition is also on the rise to challenge young builders and building constructors. Patrick Shin is an example for those who are determined to begin their journeys in this profitable construction business. Nan Inc owner is the ideal gentleman and mentor to guide people on how to be successful as a businessman. His company provides qualitative building renovation and construction.