Along with performing the tasks of a job, the most crucial part of a workplace should be safe. No matter what field you are in, some materials or tools could cause an accident or worse. That is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) holds high standards for different sites.

In order to prevent problems and to keep from violating OSHA’s codes, workers and management alike can take OSHA-compliant courses from Hard Hat Training. Even if you could easily look up the OSHA codes online, classes are much more enriching and can be tailored toward your specific industry.

As you read, you will be able to understand what makes OSHA training crucial and the results that the courses can entail.

Common OSHA Violations

Before you know the perks of taking suitable courses, it is crucial that you are aware of the different reasons that OSHA has to cite companies. This could help you better understand the problems your own workplace may be facing.

Fall Protection

Though most commonly found in construction, any workplace can be susceptible to having improper safety measures that can result in slips and falls. There are devices needed for employees working at certain heights, such as nets or guardrails if on platforms over six feet tall, but many often overlook this because six feet do not seem too high.

Equipment like ladders and scaffolding, while they have their own OSHA regulations, are a part of this category. Along with being properly secure and free of corrosion, workers need to make sure that they are using ladders properly and not exceeding their weight requirements.

Hazard Communication

In areas where chemicals are prevalent, it is crucial that employees are aware of where these items are and how to handle them. Catastrophes from chemical spills can be immediate and can affect multiple people at once.

There must be proper warning labels and signage to indicate these hazards. OSHA even has a color coding system that says biohazards should be labeled as fluorescent orange. Along with these warnings, it is also important that there be instructions for employees so that they know what to do if there is an accident.

Respiratory Protection

Though this often falls in a similar workplace as those with hazardous chemicals, respiratory issues can stem in places where airborne contamination is quite common. Employees in medical fields or laboratories could be at risk due to dealing with diseases or bacteria. Even a standard office could be an issue if they are found to have mold or asbestos in their premises.

Along with being aware of any contaminants, workers need to be given the proper gear to work around such materials. Companies should allot out masks and also provide safety programs to employees. This program should include how to put on masks or respirators properly and the importance of proper ventilation. Hard Hat Training can also provide companies with a class on respiratory safety measures.

Other common mistakes that workplaces fall victim to include the use of protective gear, lockouts on heavy machinery, and the use of industrial trucks. In total, OSHA performed nearly 25,000 inspections in 2021 alone. While no data has been reported for that year, almost 5,000 workplace fatalities were reported in 2020, many due to the above violations.

Benefits of OSHA Training

Whenever your workplace follows OSHA regulations, everyone there will see advantages, not all too obvious either:

Fewer Injuries

As expected, by being aware of the standards set in place by OSHA, workers will be at a lower risk of harm. While supervisors will have an easier time putting in popper safety devices, workers who take OSHA courses will be more aware of how to use different tools or materials. They will also have an easier time detecting if someone else is violating codes or procedures.

Save Money

Companies have to pay workers worker’s compensation whenever a worker is injured on-site. They may also have to deal with heavy legal fees if the worker presses charges or if their injuries result in death. Fewer accidents can also make it possible to offer better medical coverage and lower insurance rates for workers.

Better Company Trust

Employees could change their opinion of a business if they better implemented safety measures. This is because following the proper guidelines shows that they care about their workers and want to keep them free from harm. This can also be noticed by the general public, who have become more critical of working conditions. Knowing a company is trying to protect employees could impact whether or not they utilize that place’s services.

Courses From Hard Hat Training

There are many places where companies could get their OSHA training, but Hard Hat Training offers one of the most extensive catalogs of courses at affordable prices. Their classes can be customized to specific fields or to workplaces in general. Along with this, their team is constantly updating the courses to meet the most recent changes in OSHA regulations.

Hard Hat Training’s courses can be taken in a few different ways. Often, companies choose online tools for their employees because it is the easiest platform to utilize. They can set up a platform where all videos, tools, and exams can be located easily. It also provides testing scores quicker.

However, there are also onsite and DIY training kits available. These are both more hands-on approaches and can provide demonstrations using the company’s own equipment and tools. Onsite work is done by some of the experts from Hard Hat Training, while the company’s own management utilizes the DIY kits after taking a “Train the Trainer” course.

Along with classes tailored towards their specific field, companies can prepare their employees for more basic needs, such as first aid and CPR. While the classes do not certify an individual, they can help prepare them in the midst of an emergency.

It does not matter what type of work you are performing. Being safe on the job is always necessary. No one should go to work fearing the onset of some danger. While not every accident can be prevented, it can be lowered with the proper training and an understanding of OSHA guidelines. Visit to see how Hard Hat Training can better your company’s conditions with the right safety courses.