Myths About Skilled Trades Careers

There are a lot of preconceived notions about all fields of employment. Even though most respected careers have their stereotypes, however, some of the most poorly understood jobs are skilled trades. Whether it be the education process or the actual demands that these jobs entail, there are myths that need to be eradicated to know and see how valuable these employees truly are full.

Many trades are in high demand, and recruitment agencies like Skilled Trade Partners want to help. By providing skilled trades staffing for various companies, both talent and contractors can find their perfect match in no time. Even if people do not all show their appreciation, skilled trades are necessary for daily life.

Myth: Skilled Trades Workers Aren’t Smart

Just because skilled trades careers do not require a college degree, some people believe that anyone can perform these tasks. This is certainly not the case. The term has the word “skilled” in it.

Most skilled trades need years of training and experience before employees can do them at a high level. This can be accomplished through apprenticeships or through a trade curriculum that can run as long as a college degree.

Not only that, but skilled trades often require a piece of vast knowledge in the math in science fields because the work is so precise. Many tradespeople need to know how to read manuals and blueprints, along with being able to use special tools and equipment.

Furthermore, many of these occupations need ongoing education and certification in order to stay up with evolving technology. As a result, jobs in the skilled professions are far from simple, and anybody interested in them should be prepared for a long and tough road.

Myth: Skilled Trades Careers Are All Dirty Jobs

While certain skilled trades employment does require working with hazardous chemicals, the great majority of these vocations are essentially clean. Many competent tradespeople, in fact, take considerable pleasure in their job and take care to keep their work environments clean. This is especially true considering many come to other locations to perform their duties.

Actually, another common misconception is that all skilled trades jobs deal with building or construction work. This is because some of the most popular skilled trades are in fields such as carpentry or plumbing. However, there are skilled trades in places like the medical field, too! Some examples of “clean” skilled trades positions are as follows:

  • Dental assistants
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs)
  • Cosmetologists
  • Phlebotomists

The range of skilled trades careers is just as far and wide as options for majors in colleges and universities. Everyone has a chance to show off their unique talents.

Myth: Skilled Trades Don’t Pay Well and Aren’t Steady

It is commonly considered that skilled crafts employment pays less than other vocations. This, however, is just not the case. Indeed, many skilled crafts occupations provide competitive pay and benefits packages. Furthermore, experienced crafts employees frequently have the option to earn overtime pay or incentives for their efforts. As a result, talented crafts employees may make substantial wages.

Another common misconception regarding skilled crafts professions is that they are less stable than other types of work. However, this is also incorrect. In reality, skilled crafts employees frequently have long-term relationships with their present employers. Furthermore, there is always a significant need for professional crafts employees since businesses and organizations want their services.

Myth: Skilled Trade Careers Are Not Safe

Skilled trades employees are equally as prone as any other sort of worker to get harmed on the job. In reality, regardless of employment, the rate of workplace injuries in the United States has been dropping for decades. Even the riskiest vocations are now quite safe! While certain trade professions do require working with dangerous chemicals, most tradespeople take tremendous precautions to keep themselves safe. And, because of technological advancements, many trade vocations are now cleaner and safer than ever before.

Because of the high demands of these positions, employers provide a plethora of excellent benefits to ensure employee retention. This includes excellent medical coverage, retirement programs, and pensions. Their employees are precious to them and should be treated as such.

Fact: Skilled Trades Do Not Know the Gender of Its Workers

For a long time, it felt like only men partook in these types of careers, That is because it was believed that women could not meet the same physical demands as their male counterparts. For a long time, women were also prone to be demeaned for being at a “man’s workplace.”

Fortunately, that mindset has changed. Nowadays, there are many more women in this line of work. Women account for 2.6% of all welders, 5.2% of electricians, and 6.5% of carpenters, according to recent data from the US Department of Labor. These figures are still modest, but they are increasing with time.

Fact: Skilled Trades Are Valuable

With skilled trades workers, our economy and society as a whole would function the right way. Think about it, how can we have homes without the skilled hand of a carpenter? How would we have lights on if electricians could not come in and fix power surges?

Only some have the keen eye and talents that skilled trades careers necessitate, and in some cases, it can be dangerous to perform their tasks without training. People who partake in these careers do it because they care about the job and take pride in helping others. For some, the problem-solving aspect is like solving a puzzle. Once it is complete, there is reason to celebrate.

Skilled trades workers are doing work that needs to be completed. Even if they are not always shown appreciation, they are happy to help anyone that needs it. Skilled Trade Partners understands their need in the world and wants to make sure that all tradesmen are hired by a reputable company.

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