NASSCO Offers Training Courses to Remain Current and Safe With Underground Infrastructure Standards

NASSCO is an association of 650+ member organizations committed to education, technical resources, and advocacy for underground infrastructure. NASSCO offers extensive training that qualifies as current, important, and accessible. One of the courses that members benefit from is the PACP certification, an essential component of a contracting career. Continue reading to learn more about the certification process and other contracting knowledge and skill-building opportunities.

PACP Certification for NASSCO Member Contractors

Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP™) is a course that helps contractors perform condition coding of pipelines, laterals, and manholes. The course assures consistency on each job based on current industry standards.

The training allows pipeline system owners to create and manage databases for their pipeline assets, an essential element of tracking the function of the structures and planning their future functions. The training assures that standards for identifying, planning, prioritizing, managing, and renovating pertain to condition evaluation. NASSCO provides this intensive training for all members.

The NASSCO Training Protocol

NASSCO PACP-LACP-MACP Certification Courses Are Available Globally

NASSCO courses are available virtually or in person. If you need access from outside the U.S., contact NASSCO to arrange access. You can choose from a wide range of different schedules. All you need to do is find the time that works for you and enroll. However, if the times don’t work for you, you can contact one of the trainers to work out a time.

NASSCO Supports Strong Recertification Guidelines

NASSCO believes that recertification is vital to the industry. It is the only way to ensure the knowledge and safety standards that make this industry thrive through qualified decisions. If you have been through the certification process but require recertification training, NASSCO provides it. There are different options for recertification, such as just taking the PACP or combining your needs into one course, as shown below:

  • 1-Day PACP Recertification Course
  • 2-Day PACP | LACP | MACP Recertification Course

NASSCO Training Protocols Support Advocacy Efforts

NASSCO advocates for underground infrastructure in Congress and publicizes the need for continued underground infrastructure evolution. Education remains a crucial part of this advocacy. All stakeholders must understand what has happened, what is happening, and what needs to happen. The only way to effectively advocate is to educate members so that they may educate others while also performing underground projects safely and effectively. Therefore, if you are a member of NASSCO, take advantage of the knowledge-building available to you. And if you would like to become a NASSCO member, contact NASSCO soon.

Contact NASSCO for PACP and Other Essential Training

Develop your skills and business by obtaining certification or recertification with PACP training or one of the other courses that NASSCO offers. NASSCO provides training that elevates underground infrastructure projects by assuring you can effectively perform essential processes related to pipelines,  laterals, and manholes. This knowledge expands the productivity and success of the underground infrastructure industry, making a global statement on the importance of the work this industry performs worldwide. NASSCO looks forward to training you soon.