Setting Up A Company The Easiest Way

Do you plan to set up a company, yet unsure of how to start? You are at the right place now. An online form helps easily and quickly establish a registered company in Australia. Setting up a company is expensive today. But, there are ways to lessen the expenses by applying online.

Fast and easy online registration

If you wish to do business in Australia, you need business registration and support services. It is a requirement that can be processed in just a day by applying online.

Steps to set up

There are steps to follow to set up a company. You must comply with all these to ensure that you have a registered company. It is one of the rules! In every state, any business is obliged to register, small to large businesses. Setting up or building a company should follow these steps:

Choose a company/business name

When registering a company, choose a name for the company even though it is not required or compulsory. You can use either:

  1. Name you have chosen for a newly built company
  2. Name you have already reserved with ASIC (Australia Securities and Investments Commission)
  3. ACN (Australian Company Number) once it is issued

If deciding to use a company name, it should show the legal status of the company. For instance, “Your Business Name Inc.” You can only use a company name that has not to be taken by a registered company or business.

Register a company

Register a company and some other key business registrations via BRS (Business Registration Service). Before registering a company, ensure that you:

  • Choose a business/company name
  • Decide whether the company is proprietary or public
  • Understand the legal obligations

Check company name availability

You may choose a company name that is not taken. Special approval is required to use certain words in a company name. A proposed company needs to be proposed on ASIC. There is an external site where you can check the name availability. If the company name is taken, it is time for you to move on.

There are many possible names to use for your company, be a unique and catchy title to the crowd. In this way, you can have the chance to generate leads and make them your loyal customers.

After all these, your company is ready to register.

How long can you register a company?

A company application takes around 15 minutes to finish when done online. When you are registering a company using the BRS external site to provide all the needed documents and pay, you will get a confirmation after two business days.

There is no hassle when you apply online as it takes just minutes, unlike doing the process in the physical office, it takes more than you expected.