Tej Kohli – The Man Who Has Mastered the Art of Investing in Real Estate

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Investment is not an expense, it’s a plan to grow your wealth in the future. You cannot live life king size all on your paycheck. Investment is necessary if your goal is to live a comfortable lifestyle. As Tej Kohli said, investment is more than just knowledge that can be used to grow your money. It should be used and made a part of your lifestyle.

Well, that’s what Tej Kohli did, and to no surprise, he’s one of the wealthiest business tycoon in Europe. For him, it all started with investing. It was through investing that he turned his life around and became the man he is today.

He’s renowned as the investor tycoon who made his fortune by investing in e-sports. But this was not the only channel through which his investments grew ten-fold. He has been an active investor in real estate. According to him, staying ahead of trends is of utmost importance here, especially when your goal is to grow financially. All the reasons why he invested in numerous buildings across the globe. But the investments that he has been most proud of are in the infrastructure of Gurguram and Berlin.

One might say that India might not be as developed as the United States in terms of infrastructure, but when the conversation is about Gurugram, everyone knows it is the upcoming Silicon Valley of India. The fact that this premium location is rapidly growing, and becoming a magnet for the big IT giants and corporate houses in India, it is certain there’s no stopping for it in terms of growth.

As for Berlin, a hotspot for a number of reasons in Germany. The diverse and developing multi-cultural hub which now habits people from all over the world is also a commercial hub for corporate giants and tech start-ups. It’s on its way to become a paradise for the real estate.

Tej Kohli believes that investment in these two locations is high-yielding given that they are promising both in terms of real estate and technological development. When you are putting your money in these locations, you’d know that it is going to skyrocket.