The Relationship Between ESG & Real Estate: Is It High Time To Adapt To It


Meta: The concept of ESG is gaining popularity among investors. In fact, ESG is one of the factors that investors are looking into before making an investment in businesses. 

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ESG is an acronym used for Environment, Social and Governance. As the world is moving forwards with advanced industrialization, ESG has become a significant topic of discussion among businesses.

As experienced by the world, people are now concerned with how the weather is being impacted by all the industrialization. As a result, organizations are forced to monitor the vulnerability and provide the strength to manage the risk involved with industrialization.

The social responsibility of any organization draws people in. When governed in the right manner, organizations can come up with the right policies and goals for their ESG policies.

This is one of the reasons why the real estate industry has grown its responsibility for climate risk so as to govern ESG policies. 

Impact Of ESG On The Real Estate Industry

It has been two decades into the millennia, and the real estate sector is facing new demand in the market – People are looking for a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

The impact of weather-related issues has forced the industry to look for sustainable ways and controlling carbon emissions in the environment.

As the real sectors continue to be one of the most invested industries, it is time this sector brings about a revolution with the concept of Green Real Estate.

The environmental Pillar

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) as a part of the culture is gaining popularity. The popularity has also reached the real estate industry. 

This evolving landscape has given a new yardstick to businesses to measure their progress and growth. In addition, the awareness among people is growing. People are now aware that the real estate industry can also have a significant social impact.

Through the form of rehabilitation of public spaces, it has been seen that social housing and care centers are an environmentally focused investment and green buildings.

The ESG norm has been regularized manyfold in the post-pandemic. This has become a universal thing for buildings that have proper ventilation and are well-lit.

The Social Pillar

The social pillar supports the needs of the tenant, resident and local community. If we see things from a real estate perspective, this means the accessible green spaces, support of the local businesses, the establishment of community projects and functional infrastructure.

Companies are increasingly interacting with the employees and the community in which they operate. This helps meet tenant demand, adds value to the property and boosts the company’s reputation.

By creating sustainable homes and places, you attract people. With community projects that are managed with healthy and positive thinking, it is possible to add value that will pay dividends in the future.

The Governance Pillar

S&P global research has shown that companies that rank higher than the average companies are more prone to mismanagement. This affects their capability to capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.

This shows that governance is important for ESG practices to succeed. Governance aspects of the ESG provide structural support to the ways in which organizations interact with the environment. 

Corporate governance and all the related policies are documented and ingrained to mitigate the risk and ensure organizations follow the steps of sustainability.

ESG And Real Estate

The concept of ESG is gaining popularity among investors. In fact, ESG is one of the factors that investors are looking into before making an investment in businesses. If you want to know what ESG is all about, visit

Since awareness is now prevailing in real estate, it can create a social impact by changing the value of the current real estate industry.

Infrastructure is also a part of ESG. That means there will be constructions following ESG protocol in the future. Investing in ESG will not help you gain a reputation in the industry; it will boost the ROI on the investment.