What Is Automated Mail Processing and How Can It Benefit Organizations?

Automated mail processing decreases operational costs, improves communication across various departments, makes companies eco-friendly, and boosts customer satisfaction. What exactly is it, and how to use this tool? How can it profit your business? Keep reading to learn more!

Automated mail processing – what is it?

Automated mail processing is the use of advanced, cutting-edge technology and software to digitize and automate inbound mail within organizations. Once the documents are scanned, and transformed into the digital format, they are sent out to the appropriate recipients, or departments predefined in the system.


The solution is gaining increasing popularity among institutions and companies operating in various sectors. It’s a real must-have in the new normal era, when an increasing number of organizations work remotely and require effective tools to communicate efficiently. 

5 top business benefits of automated mail processing

Automated mail processing can benefit companies in a number of ways, as it:

  • sorts and organizes inbound mail – this means that you don’t have to delegate employees to perform these mundane and repetitive tasks. Now, incoming documents are immediately and automatically distributed among the right recipients. It helps to shorten the response time, and save precious working time for more analytical activities.
  • improves customer service and satisfaction – since employees receive mail faster, they’re able to resolve customer complaints and doubts quicker. As it’s been already mentioned, this shortens the response time which has a positive impact on UX, and may give you a competitive advantage over companies that offer similar products, or services.
  • increases security of documents – thanks to automated audit trails, and patented encryption technology, company owners can easily verify who has seen specific documents, and ensure that personal information doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. 
  • is accessible from any place in the world – more and more people work remotely. With automated mail processing, they can access necessary documents, and continue performing their duties, regardless of their location.
  • saves time – with quality software, you don’t have to enter data manually which saves time, and reduces the probability of human error. Now, all the information such as bank account numbers, names, or addresses is collected automatically and made available to the recipients in the digital format.

The takeaway

Are you wondering how to make your organization more efficient, effective, and eco-friendly? Automated mail processing can help you do it. Using advanced software in everyday work is a recipe for decreasing operational costs, and increasing the productivity of your employees.