What is the difference between legalization and Apostille?

Legalizing documents refers to the process of authenticating them. It ensures that documents are legally accepted around the world. A county or state government seal and a central government signature are applied to the back of the paper. An attestation service or apostille is typically used for this purpose. There is no doubt that the apostille of documents is simply another term for the legalization of documents. The foreign affairs authority of any country is the one that has to legalize all of the papers that immigration requires.

Apostille attestation

It is often necessary to verify personal and business documents when traveling to another country, depending on the purpose of the visit. Verifying the authenticity of the documents demonstrates that they are genuine. It is customary for the immigration papers to be sealed by an official seal and signed by the signatory. Papers such as a commercial contract or a ticket to an event can be produced to prove the reason for visiting abroad. This procedure must be followed to eliminate any doubt of misinterpretation or incorrect motive behind the visit.

Why Legalization and Apostille is necessary?

Almost every country is governed by legislation containing thousands of rules and guidelines. They are set up to ensure that the county, state or country operates correctly and appropriately. Since immigration is a serious issue involving the movement of people from one country to another, it needs to be regulated. Therefore, legalization is necessary. Every country makes sure that its citizens live in peace and safety.

Here are the different levels of verification

Attestation from a notary

It serves as the basis for legalizing documents at the most basic level. A notary public in every country verifies the authenticity and credibility of an affidavit or any other official sworn statement to prove that it is authentic. Upon placing his stamp on the documents, he verifies the authenticity of the papers and the reasons for the affidavit.

Attestation from the Home Department

The second type of verification is done by the county or state department. The counter-attestation aims to certify the authenticity of personal documents, such as a death certificate, marriage certificate, New Jersey Apostille Birth Certificate, etc. The first official document you receive from the government is your birth certificate. To know How To Get Birth Certificate Apostille you can visit official website of authorities where you can get a general idea of Apostille birth certificate in New Jersey.

Attestation from Human Resource Department 

It is the third type, which is the one that involves the Human Resources department in the process of signing and stamping educational certificates and documents. A person applying for a foreign job or a course to further their education or when they are going to marry someone from abroad will need to undergo this type of verification.

Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

Entrepreneurs and corporate people can use this service when they wish to travel abroad for business events or meetings. The chamber of commerce here verifies all related documents before they may be authenticated with a stamp and its official signature.

MEA Apostille/Attestation

Legalization at this level involves the authentication of the Ministry of External Affairs, the top level of legalization. To ensure that the immigration of the person will be confirmed, the government signs and stamps the Apostillar Documentos en Trenton NJ at the backside.